The school holidays are almost upon us again and if you are travelling somewhere with a toddler (or two) soon, make sure you pack everything in the following list for an easy-breezy and stress-free trip!

1. A sippy cup
Your child is bound to get thirsty on a long car or plane ride. Packing your everyday plastic water bottle along will not suffice – as it is not spill-proof and can cause a mess when your toddler has not learned to drink properly from one yet. Plus, plastic water bottles also tend to come with BPA, a harmful chemical that when ingested, can cause some significant health issues – particularly for very young children.

Enter the Sugarbooger Sippy Cup (available on Applecrumby & Fish in 5 different designs)., a BPA and lead-free sippy cup that any discerning mother would be comfortable letting their children use. It is also lightweight and unbreakable, making this the perfect travelling cup for young children!

2. A backpackWhen you go on trips, chances are, your children will want to carry a few of their favourite items with them – and what better way to carry them than in an adorable backpack! Needless to say, the perfect backpack would be one that is made with durable material and big (but light) enough for your toddler’s essentials e.g. a sippy cup, toys,baby safety, a snack container and more.

Applecrumby & Fish offers a huge selection of good quality backpacks that won’t break your bank! Check them out here to find that perfect traveling backpack for your little one!

3. A new toy (or two)The journey to your destination can be pretty boring (and boredom begets mischief!) for your child so make sure to pack a couple of new toys in their backpack! Forget the iPad – instead, kill two birds with one stone by offering them educational toys that will help develop their brain at the same time!

Magnetic toys are ideal for this purpose as they are highly portable and also eliminate the worry of losing pieces. Magformers – the industry leader in magnetic building toys for children offers a range of high-quality, reliable product that inspires the creators of the future. Find the most suitable one for your child today on Applecrumby & Fish.

4. Your child’s favourite plush toy or snuggly
This can be a source of comfort during the journey and after. If they do not have one, getting one for them is not a bad idea as plush toys have not only been known to provide them with psychological comfort, but also to ease anxieties. Applecrumby & Fish offers a wide range of premium, imported plush toys that will function as the perfect travel companion for your little ones (especially when mum and dad are busy!)!

5. Plastic or paper bags
These are for storing soiled diapers or clothes. They will also come in handy during an emergency e.g. motion sickness.

6. Baby wipes
To date, the humble baby wipes remain the undisputed king of versatility. From wiping your baby down to cleaning up the car, there are many situations that you can put them to use – even when you are not a parent!

Having said that however, most mass market baby wipes are filled with harmful ingredients that spell bad news for your child’s sensitive skin – and yes, you should be concerned because most of us go through tons of them by the time our child has grown up.

Applecrumby & Fish, in realising this, has designed the highest-quality and safest baby wipes that you could find in the market! Besides being 100% toxic-free, Applecrumby wipes are also constructed from super thick material that can withstand vigorous rubbing. Furthermore, they also come packed with anti-bacterial and ultra soothing ingredients – all the better to pamper your child’s skin with! Order a pack for yourself here today to feel the difference.

7. Sunscreen
Yes,baby car seats, your toddler needs sun protection. According to Jeannette Moninger at, ALL it takes to double the lifetime risk of melanoma in your little one is just ONE blistering sunburn in their childhood. A good product like The Milk & Co Baby Protect me+ SPF30+ Sunscreen (available on Applecrumby & Fish and safe to use from 3 months onwards) will enable you to travel everywhere in the day with your child without worrying about the sun rays damaging their skin!

Alternatively, try the popular BUDS Everyday Organics Solar Care Lotion (75ml).

8. Snacks
Most children misbehave when they are feeling hungry or peckish so trust us on this – you want to keep your child’s hunger at bay when you’re travelling with them. If you are travelling by plane, a lollipop will be great for relieving their ear pressure during takeoff and landing. If you are travelling by car or any other means of transportation, any snack from healthy puffs and crackers to fruit chews, will do!

9. A extra set of clothes for your child and yourself
Have these handy just in case. And don’t forget the essentials like caps for hot weather and jackets for cold weather when you pack.
Bonus tip: Dark-coloured clothes are better choices for travelling with children as they hide dirt and stains better.

10. A toiletry kit!
If you do not have them in travel sizes, make your own by buying a pack of small clear containers (usually available in the beauty aisle of any supermarket) to dispense the products into. Just be sure to label the containers after that! These are what your child will need:
Body wash
A comb
Sunscreen (refer back to no.7)
Lotion & cream (as needed)
Nappy care (as needed)
*Many of these can be shared if you have two or more children.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for a hassle-free packing when the trip finally rolls around! Have a safe trip!